David Tao on Selling One of The Largest Fitness Sites + Learn His Methodology

July 04, 2023 00:41:05
David Tao on Selling One of The Largest Fitness Sites + Learn His Methodology
Niche Website Builders Show
David Tao on Selling One of The Largest Fitness Sites + Learn His Methodology

Jul 04 2023 | 00:41:05


Show Notes

Welcome to the Niche Website Builders Podcast, brought to you by Make Lemonade.

Today, our host James de Lacey sits down and talks to the Co-Founder and CEO of BarBend.com, David Tao.

David is known for his work in the health & fitness industry, but in this episode, he talks about selling his fitness site and the acquisition process for other business owners.

James and David also talk about content strategy, building partnerships, monetization and much more. Make sure you listen to the full podcast and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't yet already!

Find more of David here:




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